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Our New Elver Station

We are building a new glass eel facility in the UK. We are consolidating our three storage units into one and will reduce our holding capacity from 15,000 kg to 1,500 kgs. The project is supported by the European Fisheries fund and it is probably the first of its kind to be funded to reduce rather than increase  capacity. The glass eel business has changed forever. The new facility reflects the future catches of glass eels and the objectives of the Marine Management Organization not only to protect the fishery for future generations but also to maintain the economic, cultural and social values for the local community. The project is also aligned with the objectives of the Sustainable Eel Group.

Over the summer we have been building  a new facility in France.  For the future we shall work independently  in France  and I hope with support from the sector we will be able to continue to develop the Sustainable Standard which is, in long term, the only solution that will secure the supplies of glass eels for the future.